Printmaking from now on

I actually sold three pictures from our exhibition at Grafiska Sällskapet. I think printmaking is going to be my main occupation from now on. I have prints from long ago that I still think I could show and feel proud of. This does not go for paintings and not even for collages, I think. I seem to have an unrequited love for colour. It doesn’t seem to work all right. So I will concentrate on printmaking and sculpture, at least for the near future.

Printmaking Art Show

Our printmaking workshop will organize a new exhibition from August 5 to August 11 in  Grafiska Sällskapet, Hornsgatan 6 in Stockholm. We will be 22 members to show our work.


Water Colour Salon

Two of my water colour pictures were chosen for the Väsby Akvarellsalong, at Väsby Konsthall, Upplands Väsby outside Stockholm. Here is one of them.

Water colour


Experiment in printmaking

I have begun experimenting with linocuts where I cut the lines instead of the spaces between them. Then I print them on a black paper. Some of them, though, seem to be a little to dark, so I have to find a solution for that. Below are some of the test pictures.

Linocut, monotype
Linocut, monotype
Linocut, monotype