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Autumn exhibition

I am now preparing for the October 2022 exhibition  together with four other artists at Galleri Bellman in Stockholm as scheduled below. It will take place  8th to 13th of October.

Future exhibitions

Everything is still uncertain because of the corona pandemic, but our  printing workshop, VGG, has one exhibitions scheduled for the end of May, beginning of June. Hopefully that one will take place.

As for paintings and collages I hope to participate in two exhibitions, one in October and the other in November 2021, and a third one is scheduled for October 2022! Never lose hope!

Future Exhibition Changes

The November exhibition I wrote about is cancelled. But, hopefully, I will participate in another exhibition, also in November, with Mariamålarna,  if the situation allows it. For this exhibition there will be a theme: “100 pictures of Stockholm”.

In Corona Times

I have two exhibitions planned for 2020, but it is still uncertain whether they will be cancelled or postponed. The first one is graphic art with our workshop VGG on August 3 to August 9 at Grafiska Sällskapet in Stockholm. The other one will show four artists from Mariamålarna and is planned to take place November 12 to November 19 at Galleri Movitz in Stockholm.

What will be will be.

New Exhibition of Graphic Art

On December 5 to December 12, 2019 our printmaking group VGG will show a new exhibition, the third one for our group this year. It will take place at Galleri Movitz, Hornsgatan 40 in Stockholm.