About My Art

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site where I present my artwork!

There are two different lines in my art. One is about people or other ”beings”, and I am particularly fascinated by faces. The other is about landscapes, which tend to become more or less abstract.

In graphic art I have come to prefer lino cutting for its sharp contrasts and dry point for its roughness. I also like to make collages, a techique that offers unexpected effects. Sometimes I work with sculpture as well.

I seldom depict the reality around me. Instead I try, in the chaos on the paper sheet or canvas, to find something that captures my attention, and then to form it into something, or somebody, that talks to me.

Member of the Graphic Workshop VGG, vgg.se,  Bildupphovsrätt (Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden), bildupphovsratt.se and Målargruppen Maria.